My Fingers on Fire

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.59.52 AM

Cellodad Storyboard_PierikCellodad Storyboard2_Pierik

This one is just for fun.

Music video with my daughter, playing with layers of video and audio.

The quilts were made by my wife, they warm it up and add shape and movement. A performing cellist is aware that because we’re seated, the visual is more static. I think that’s why there has been a modern trend toward a standing performance style, but that’s not the natural or comfortable way to play the cello. Instead, I look for other things to add visual interest. The important thing is to create the sound you’re after. “My Fingers on Fire” was improvised but I also work from sheet music. I play events including weddings, celebrations of life, holiday parties etc. I also compose and arrange. One of my current goals is to find some clients for custom audio for video and/or games. You can reach me through the contact info on this website or try davepierik at gmail dot com.

My daughter is a highly skilled natural cellist and a member of the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. She learns from me, but also has that priceless ability to teach herself and learn for herself that I did not discover until much later in my life even though I started at age 10. She not only has a great ear, but since she’s classically trained she can also read music. I’m extremely proud of her.

This is an original duet ©2014 by David V. Pierik and Missy B. Wilson, Pierik Group Media.

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