My Fingers on Fire 2

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So after careful consideration I decided to make some big changes to the previous Fingers on Fire by including a narrative about a decision that for some reason was agonizing for me: recycling a set of 1892 encyclopedias. It was a hard decision but in the end the sneezing from their dust contributed to their trip to the pulp mill.

Team Space Peppers

Team Space Peppers

Team Space Peppers is Jennifer N. Beckett, Daniel H. Manwell, David V. Pierik and Derek J. Schumacher. Together and separately we are creating and will create some video things for Media 115, Introduction to Digital Video with our instructor, Prof. Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond through Peninsula College at Port Angeles and remote locations. We have also collaborated via campus email and Second Life.

To view Script Scene Studies and Storyboards, click here:


My Fingers on Fire

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Cellodad Storyboard_PierikCellodad Storyboard2_Pierik

Music video with my daughter, playing with layers of video and audio. We had fun creating this.

The story of this video: This story opens with an old book opening on my daughter and I playing cello. There is no dialogue but it is a building of momentum and confidence. Early in the video we both look unsure, and at the end we are confident. The end of the video has the closing of an old book, and we both sing briefly, faintly in the distance as though under many layers:

Missy B: “My Fingers on Fire!”

Cellodad: “My Fingers on Fire!”

The quilts were made by my wife, they warm it up and add shape and movement. A performing cellist is aware that because we’re seated, the visual is more static. I think that’s why there has been a modern trend toward a standing performance style, but that’s not the natural or comfortable way to play the cello. Instead, I look for other things to add visual interest. The important thing is to create the sound you’re after. There was a time when seeing video of cellists drove me crazy because of it being out of sync so often. I thought I knew immediately if I was seeing an actor. Now that I’ve done some directing and editing I see that’s really far from being the case. We recorded audio on a completely separate track, and on top of that there were multiple cameras used to create this video. So naturally the whole thing is out of sync, yet it’s real and I get it now and finally I understand what a challenge it can be to line up audio with video. My daughter and I did the whole thing on one take and then I added layers of that very same take afterward, from the different cameras. So the sound that was achieved is natural yet has lots of depth and fullness and a quality of multiple echoes. Yet no effects were used (at my daughter’s request).

“My Fingers on Fire” was improvised but I also work from sheet music. I play events including weddings, celebrations of life, holiday parties etc. I also compose and arrange. One of my current goals is to find some clients for custom audio for video and/or games. You can reach me through the contact info on this website or try davepierik at gmail dot com.

My daughter is a highly skilled natural cellist and a member of the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. She learns from me, but also has that priceless ability to teach herself and learn for herself that I did not discover until much later in my life even though I started at age 10. She not only has a great ear, but since she’s classically trained she can also read music. I’m extremely proud of her.

This is an original duet ©2014 by David V. Pierik and Missy B. Wislon, Pierik Group Media.




Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.28.33 PM

Red Gaming Verb Storyboard Pierik

Roll for initiative. Roll to hit. Roll your damage. The bad guy drops!

All in 15 seconds.

This is a multiple-layer experiment both for audio and video, playing with multiple audio layers and opacity for multiple video layers.

The theme color is red, and the main effect is layers, using opacity.


Music: Cello (improv) video: 90º CCW tilt

DM: Roll your damage (repeats)

Audio/SFX: Dice rolling (natural recorded sounds)

DM: That’s a hit (repeats)

DM: He drops (repeats)



Bug Juice

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.47.32 AM

This exercise in transitions reminded me of transformations found in nature, such as that of a chrysalis. These changes are also an old standard in monster movies such as The Fly. Movie by Dave Pierik, with some sound effects from and

Dr. Jaramon Bug Juice storyboard

scene: Transition/Transformation

Doc J's Bug Juice

Opening title:

Dr. Jaramon & the Temple of Transformation

weird music

Guy with can of carbonated beverage. Audio: (commercial style) “Drink Doc J’s Bug Juice!” Sfx Soda open

Jingle: Doc J’s, Doc J’s, Doc J’s Bug Juice. Doc J’s Bug Juice. Bug, Bug Juice. Join the hive! Join the hive! Join the hive!”


Bubbles. Glug. Guy falls over. Clunk.

Grunt. Bug sounds

Sfx video morphing. Bug sounds. Weird grunt

bug sounds. Disturbing video morphing (Man-Cocoon-Bug; include the can itself transforming along if possible)

Crunching and scratching sounds

Giant bug attacking building

End title: A vid by Dave Pierik ©2014 David V. Pierik all rights reserved

weird music

total length 60 sec.

As I see it, a transition is a visual and audio movement that takes you from one idea to another. In music theory this can involve chord progressions that take you from one key signature to another, or that smoothly speed up or slow down tempos from one musical idea or song to another. In video, there is also the visual element and rather than just a confusing jump cut, a good transition provides a smooth connection from the first idea to the second, or from one place to another or one character to another.

With Halloween coming up I couldn’t resist the idea of a man transforming into a giant bug. I know, what can I say. There are certainly more noble transitions in video but hey, why not have some fun. That being said, this could be a bit difficult to execute.


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