Wanted for Wasting Water

 © 2014 Dave Pierik

© 2014 Dave Pierik

This was an element for a poster I came up with, and really it could have been the poster by itself. We have an old house and the old shower head was very high flow and was rusting. After we replaced it with a low-flow (and still very nice by the way) shower head, our water bill went way down.

I hung onto the old shower head for some reason. I photographed it and created the poster above using it. The height chart was something I printed. The shirt and tie, and the wording were elements I modified from public domain stock images.

Water is a real issue in the world now, and it appears that shortages and water quality challenges will become increasingly serious global problems in the future. Community awareness can help ameliorate the worst health consequences and increase conservation practices. Here is a short video that I made on the subject:



2 thoughts on “Wanted for Wasting Water

    • It’s so easy to take clean water for granted. When the day comes that people are fighting over water it will be tragic but maybe not completely unexpected.

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