Doc J’s Bug Juice

Doc J's Bug Juice

Opening title:

Dr. Jaramon & the Temple of Transformation

weird music

Guy with can of carbonated beverage. Audio: (commercial style) “Drink Doc J’s Bug Juice!” Sfx Soda open

Bubbles. Glug. Guy falls over. Clunk.

Grunt. Bug sounds

Sfx video morphing. Bug sounds. Weird grunt

bug sounds. Disturbing video morphing (Man-Cocoon-Bug; include the can itself transforming along if possible)

Giant bug

End title: A vid by Dave Pierik ©2014 David V. Pierik all rights reserved

weird music

total length 60 sec.

As I see it, a transition is a visual and audio movement that takes you from one idea to another. In music theory this can involve chord progressions that take you from one key signature to another, or that smoothly speed up or slow down tempos from one musical idea or song to another. In video, there is also the visual element and rather than just a confusing jump cut, a good transition provides a smooth connection from the first idea to the second, or from one place to another or one character to another.

With Halloween coming up I couldn’t resist the idea of a man transforming into a giant bug. I know, what can I say. There are certainly more noble transitions in video but hey, why not have some fun. That being said, this could be a bit difficult to execute.


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