David V. Pierik is a writer, photographer and musician living in the South Puget Sound area. An award-winning print advertising professional, Pierik is also a certified web designer, digital photographer and digital image editor.

Dave Pierik is a seasoned, award-winning advertising professional, photographer and writer. A graduate of the University of Idaho, he interned with the Oregon Newspaper Publishers’ Association and has since put his education and experience to work for thousands of clients over a period of over two decades. Even for seemingly simple projects such as small newspaper ads, Pierik puts time and skill into every detail and is known for his sharp proofreading skills and ability to meet tight deadlines. His customers have included the advertising agencies for customers such as Walmart, Cabela’s, Proctor & Gamble, Les Schwab Tires, and Mason General Hospital among many others. But Pierik’s own work shines brightest with the independent businesses, ranging from appliance and furniture stores, auto mechanics, nonprofit organizations such as United Way, and government entities. He helped to develop and build routes for Mason Transit Authority, and partnered with the general manager to create and maintain one of the first rural transit advisory boards of its type in the United States.

Pierik has learned that most business owners are highly independent and most of them are in business because they like to be in control. “It is the job of a marketing consultant to be the advertising professional. Nobody is going to know the customer’s business better than the customer. But I know the most important thing an ad needs to do is to connect a reader to the advertiser. The right headline and the right graphic or photo are the keys to making that happen,” Pierik says. It doesn’t matter what the media is, if the message is not well crafted, the potential customer might never know what they’re missing. A well crafted ad campaign works over time and helps to grow a business. “My favorite thing about my job is that when everything goes right, I create jobs. When my customers ask me for a help wanted ad (and they often do) because their business is growing, it makes me feel great.”

David Pierik is currently Senior Advertising Executive at the Mason County Journal in Shelton, WA. He is also a freelance cellist, photographer, designer and author. He is happily married and has one daughter. For more information, visit davepierik.com.


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